A stunning box to store logo golf balls
from the favourite courses you played.

- Designed to display

Black linen hardcover X Stainless steel tray

To replicate the feeling of your club striking the ball

Golf ball display

The golf album allows you to relive your golfing adventures, from your most memorable shots to your best golf holidays and the most beautiful courses you ever played.

Keep those memories close by collecting logo golf balls, scorecards and pictures of the rounds that make the game so special for you.

Measures: 325 mm x 235 mm x 55 mm
Specifics: The box comes with a black linen hardcover and a stainless steel tray inside to display 12 golf balls. No golf balls included.

€ 60


Elevate your coffee table or library with the golf album.
At times take the box off the shelf and immerse right back in your golf games.

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Golf ball display